What’s the difference between an Expert and an Authority?

An Expert

  • someone who has a deep level of knowledge and experience in their chosen field
  • knows their business inside out
  • has a core range of clients
  • doesn’t have a unique point of view that sets them apart
  • is comfortable with that title

An Authority

  • is more than an expert with an audience, they stand apart from their competition
  • is comfortable in their own skin
  • is confident in how they help their clients
  • is able to work within their zone of genius
  • is known for their unique point of view
  • has one thing that they’re know for

However, the main difference between an expert and an authority is…

experts look for clients

authorities attract them!!!

 So, how will we take you from Expert to Authority?

We use “The PUBLISH Method”

It’s a 7 step process that uses the PUBLISH acronym:

  • Preparation: make sure you write the right book.
  • Underpinning: set up and build your author platform, so that you can position yourself an an authority.
  • Book: actually sit down and write your book!
  • Leverage: creating the “After’s” to support your readers.
  • Image: time to organise your book cover, and other images.
  • Sales: create the sales funnel/s around your book, and test it.
  • Hype: launch, promote and sell your book.

Over 12 months, we’ll work through each step enabling you to not only publish your signature book, but position yourself as an authority in your field as well.


your audience

Publish your
signature book

Position yourself
as an authority

Over 12 months, you’ll:

  • identify your one thing
  • build your author platform
  • write your book
  • create an upsell, down-sell and cross-sell
  • build your sales funnel and test it
  • launch your book

All whilst increasing your visibility.

This programme starts








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